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Love and Distance

Book 3 of The Small Town Demon Saga

Publisher: Independently Published
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Romance
Sub Genre: Apocalyptic · Paranormal
Language: English
Key Phrases: Demons
“Absolutely love this book and the other 2 books in the series. A must read if you like a little fiction with a little non-fiction.”
– friendly reader – Amazon
She will do anything for family.

Putting distance between heartbreak doesn’t stop the pain.

After the loss of her sister, Theresa must make the best of the new life that has been bestowed upon her. Being given the memories of her sister, she becomes the person she was meant to be; or so she thinks.

With her sister’s past being full of lust and heartache, she has to find a way to survive the depression and hopelessness she now feels and lives with everyday.

Deciding to get away from the reminders of the past, Theresa escapes to Tennessee to find a new life. In her search to find herself, she also finds love in the most unlikely of places.

This new joyful adventure quickly turns south, as things begin to go horribly wrong. Two sides collide and a new threat arises. Can Theresa, with the help of others, survive this or will her life explode as the demons and archangels become a presence in her life, just as they had been in her sister’s. Find out now in the final installment of The Small Town Demon Saga: Love and Distance.

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