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Bright Halo Episode One: Melted Memories

Publisher: Bright Halo Book Publishing
Book type: Novella
Age: YA (12-18)
Genre: Fantasy
Sub Genre: Fantasy · Mystery · Supernatural · Suspense · Sword & Sorcery · Thriller · Urban Fantasy
Language: English
Key Phrases: boarding school · bully · crush · england · grief · house fire · kingdom · lies · magical necklace · masked killer · portals · secrets · strong female lead
“This book has so much potential and a good plot twist. The world is complex and well thought. If you like fantasy and books like City of Bones I think you will like this one because it has the same vibes to it. Also it’s an easy and funny read.”
– Andreea (From Goodreads)
Follow Crystal on her adventure of Magic, Murder and Mystery.

Follow Crystal on her adventure of Magic, Murder, and Mystery.

Blurb: Crystal has been hidden from the world her whole life, but things are about to change when her mother gives her a mysterious necklace on her 17th birthday. One tragic night, her mother is killed in a house fire, and everything Crystal has known has been turned to ashes. With an unknown killer out to get her next, how will she survive? Who can Crystal trust, especially when it involves a handsome stranger and magic?

Bright Halo is an episodic Young Adult Fantasy book series with suspense and a slow-burn romance.
(approx. 20k per episode).

Episode One – 22nd February 2022 (OUT NOW!)
Episode Two- 29th March 2022 (OUT NOW!)
Episode Three – 26th April 2022 (OUT NOW!)
Episode Four – 31st May 2022 (OUT NOW!)
Episode Five – 27th September 2022 (OUT NOW!)
Episode Six – 25th July 2023 (OUT NOW!)

Episode Seven is arriving in late 2023.

Upcoming Episodes are currently under development.

Please look forward to it!

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