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Finding Home

Harris Twins Book #2

Publisher: Independently Published
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Romance
Language: English
Key Phrases: Cowboy · cowboy romance · Equestrian · Horse Books · Horses · Sweet Romance
“I found that I want to visit and get to know these characters. They feel real and there is so much heart. This author really gives the readers a glimpse into the world that she imagined. It is a joy to read.”
– Sara McClaflin blogger for OnReviewbySara
Sweet cowboy romance

Twin Springs Ranch is back on track, and AJ heads to the local auction to find a horse to add to the stable. Amid the bidding, he finds not only a perfect horse, but a woman who feels like an old friend even though they just met.

Lilyana is devastated that her job at Mr. Heward’s ranch is coming to an end and that the horses she loves are being sold. When she meets the man who bought Chance, he invites her out to his ranch, and she accepts, even if she’s unsure if it is a date or not.

Lilyana helps AJ through his grief and, after nearly losing the ranch to a wildfire, shows him what the future of the ranch could be like. Could there be a permanent place at Twin Springs for her? Was she lucky enough to not only find the man of her dreams, but the job of her dreams, too?

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