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Twin Springs Ranch

Harris Twins Book #1

Publisher: Independently Published
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Romance
Language: English
Key Phrases: Cowboy · cowboy romance · Equestrian · Horse Books · Horses · Sweet Romance
“If you love sweet romances and rooting for the underdog, you’ll love this enemies to lovers story about a ranch hand and the prodigal heir who wants to sell the place. The story makes me look forward to warmer days and quiet rides. How do we get to Twin Springs?”
– FroggieGirl
Sweet cowboy romance

Braxton left and never looked back – until now. His father’s death makes him half-owner of a nearly bankrupt Twin Springs Ranch, and he returns to find not only his twin brother in need of help, but a woman who reminds him that the ranch is more than just bad memories.

Sydney knows two things; she will do anything to save Twin Springs, and she hates Braxton Harris. Her guard is up and she does everything she can to ignore the way Brax makes her feel. She isn’t going to fall for the guy who doesn’t care if the ranch is sold or succeeds, since he’ll be leaving either way. Right?

Can they come together to save Twin Springs, and is it possible for them to have a future?

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