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Hassling the Show Manager

A Pine Mountain Horse Park Romance

Publisher: Independently Published
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Romance
Language: English
Key Phrases: Equestrian · Horse Books · Horses
“I love to read about characters—both female and male—who know what they want and work hard to get it despite obstacles getting in their way. I especially love all the horsy details in this book. Even though I’m not a horsy person, I loved the excitement of the show jumping and all the idiosyncrasies of the various horses. It is obvious that the author has great love for the sport and for the horses, just like her main characters.”
– fantasy reader
sweet equestrian romance

Maya’s day to day life is full of ‘good enough’s, but she wants her show series at Pine Mountain to be something special—something she can be proud of. When her first day begins with Reid Nash storming in and blaming her for lost entries she’s rattled. Maybe she’s in over her head, but she’s not about to let arrogant trainers walk all over her.

Reid needs this series to help build his training program. His horses and students mean everything to him. Making a name for himself would bring in more clients and allow him to hire help and take a day off every now and then. That’s if the disorganized woman running the show can get her act together.

As the series continues, it becomes clear that first impressions can be misleading: Maya wants her show to help the equestrian community, and Reid is a true horseman. Joining forces may be the best way to reach their goals. But could it also be the secret to both of them finding more than they dreamed of?

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