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Girl from Pompey, The

Conversations with the Dead!

Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Spiritual
Sub Genre: Paranormal · Supernatural
Language: English
Key Phrases: Addiction · Alcoholism · Clairevoyance · Drugs · Helpful · Inspirational · Mediumship · Mental-health · New Age · Practical · Self-Help · Selfhelp · Spirits · Trauma-Recovery
Is Bryony clairevoyant or does she need professional help?

In this gripping, page-turning prequel to The Girl from Pompey – Discovering the Key to Happiness and Fulfilment, travel back in time to 1984 to discover how Bryony’s life began.

Bryony always knew she was different. With the ability to see and speak with the dead, it was only a matter of time before her path would be revealed.

Discover the events that led to Bryony’s addiction to both drugs and alcohol. Bryony holds nothing back as she reveals the disturbing truth behind how she won her fight against herself and her demons.

Bryony battled her way through alcoholism only to find that recovery was a bumpy and never-ending road. With mental health issues and being able to see the dead, is Bryony really gifted with the ability to speak with spirits, or does she need professional help?

After a traumatic childhood and a rebellious teen life, did Bryony manage to escape near death multiple times to find any purpose or answers?

Will Bryony find her way back to her true path or be able to make peace with her demons?

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