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So It Goes

Publisher: Kristina Carmela
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Contemporary
Sub Genre: Romance
Language: English
Continue Georgia Fields’s journey as she begs the world for a quiet life but realizes that’s not what she’s going to get. Yet. Join her as she finds closure and the happiness she was always looking for.

If anybody knows what it’s like to have your world turned upside down, it’s Georgia Fields. 

When she returned to the beach house, everything started to fall into place. Not only was she living in her favorite town but she was reunited with her first love. Georgia finally realized she was worthy to take a chance on herself, following her biggest dream.

It all seemed too good to be true.

Georgia thought she was settled in never finding out all the answers to the questions that were still lingering since her return. She thought she moved on. It wasn’t until one particular knock on the door dragged her back down into the rabbit hole. For the first time she has the chance to get all the answers she could want about the past that led her to be right where she is now. Only, she’s not sure what she can handle knowing. Or more, what she can handle not knowing. 

On top of that, Georgia is faced with her age old question: does everybody deserve to be forgiven? Only this time, figuring out that answer is harder than it ever had been before. She struggles with deciding how to fit people in her life that maybe shouldn’t be there in the first place. Even more, she breaks as she finds out that the people she does want in her life, don’t want her. 

What will happen as she navigates the rejection she is suddenly faced with? Will she accept how things don’t always go the way she hopes they will? Or will she choose to make drastic choices to make sure those things happen as she wants?

Join Georgia as she finds her place in the world with the people who were meant to be in it.

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