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Violet Wildflowers

Nelsonville Series

Publisher: Kristina Carmela
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Contemporary
Sub Genre: Romance
Language: English
Get messy with Penny Carson as she finally listens to her recurring dream and begins to figure out who she really is. Will all her pieces get put together? Or will they continue to fall apart?

If anybody knows what it’s like to live in two different worlds, it’s Penny Carson.

Her dreams paint pictures of what’s to come while number patterns tell her how to handle a situation. A recurring dream brings us to a world she’s been visiting since middle school. Penny knows that one day the red door she sees will hand her the answers she needs to really figure out her true identity. What will happen when that red door actually opens in a dream? Can she stand what she sees behind it? Or will she decide that dreams don’t matter much to her at all?

Before being drawn to Nelsonville for her fresh start, she thrived on that. Dreams and signs guided her entire life. Only now, she’s trying to figure everything out, herself included. She has finally come to terms that her fresh start is supposed to be about finding out who she really is. Or really, being ready for that.

She just didn’t know how messy it would get.

The life that she happily fell into a year ago was being entirely disrupted. As one piece of her puzzle begins to get complicated, the other pieces start to fall around her too. Maybe bad things do come in threes. Or maybe they were meant to fall out of place. Because maybe, just maybe, they were all going to put together the way they’re supposed to. Penny has to decide if the dreams and numbers that keep appearing should still be taken seriously. Can she ignore what they’re telling her? Or does she lean into them even more than before?

Join Penny as she has to decide between what she needs and what she wants.

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