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This Time Around

Publisher: Kristina Carmela
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Contemporary
Sub Genre: Romance
Language: English
Fall in love and down the rabbit hole with Georgia Field’s as she takes her chance to get out of her rut, but finds more than she bargained for. Including the cute man on the beach and his dog.

If anybody knows what it’s like to stay in the comfort zone, it’s Georgia Fields. 

She takes comfort in the repetition of a safe and predictable life. Georgia stays in a job she doesn’t love; planning events day after day, month after month. She avoids commitment in fear of being vulnerable. After a few failed romantic relationships, Georgia feels that maybe she isn’t deserving of a big love. At almost 30, she believes that she just might be destined to be alone. But when she’s given a chance to get out of her rut, she uncharacteristically takes it.

It all seemed too good to be true.

When she shows up to the beach house she grew up visiting for her fresh start, Georgia begins to realize that her life was built on lies. It started off as little hints here and there of her father hiding secrets from her. Was finding out the truth meant to be part of her new start? Would it be possible to ignore the little voice in her head telling her to fall down the rabbit hole of lies and deceit? Could Georgia leave everything a mystery, and move on?

She’s not sure what she can handle alone, until she reconnects with a man from her past. Jake Everly makes her feel the way she always hoped a man would. He’s kind, romantic and looks at her as if she’s the only one he could see. But is it enough as she struggles to find value in herself? Will he choose to be with her despite the lies surrounding them? How will their relationship survive the constant what ifs’ they’re forced to face together so early on? Will he choose to stay? Or will he realize that leaving is easier than loving Georgia?

Join Georgia as her new start isn’t what it seems.

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