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Hitman and the Thief, The

Publisher: 4Star Scifi
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Thriller
Sub Genre: Crime
Language: English
Key Phrases: assassination · conspiracy · future crimes · gangs · hitman
” A lightning fast, thrilling story that was so captivating it was impossible to put down”
– M. Medhat. Amazon review
The hitman has one last job. The thief just wants to stay alive.

It was one last job, what could go wrong? Everything!

Assassin Dan Jones is a man that can get things done. When a rival crime boss wants to expand her territory, he’s ordered to remove her. If he succeeds, he can retire in peace.

Dan has it all worked out, everything is going well. Until the unexpected happens.

He’s given a choice, he can try again, or his failure will be the death of him.

Having never been a fan of dying, Dan does the only thing he can do.

Except that this time, he’s forced to work with the source of all his problems.

Dan must learn to work with the thief to finish his mission.

If he succeeds, maybe they’ll both get out alive.

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