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Sensaurum and the Lexis, The

Publisher: 4Star Scifi
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Sci-Fi
Sub Genre: Steampunk
Language: English
Key Phrases: alternative history · amateur detectives
“Fast paced, engaging characters and twists to keep you guessing”
– Aaron. Amazon review
Who are the Orphan Detectives?

In a world of steam and clockwork, evil forces are at work.

Jackson Thwaite is unaware of the constant battles fought to keep Norlandia safe. After the accident that took his parents, he’s just another poor soul in Makewright Orphanage.
Surviving the day is the only thing on his mind.

He’s about to learn that the orphanage hides a secret. Although he doesn’t know it, Jackson has been selected to join the ranks of the Orphan Detectives; a secret group dedicated to maintaining the peace and stability of the realm. Jessamine Batterlee, a seasoned detective, is to be his teacher. But could she ever become more than that?

Their foe, in Jackson’s first case with the detectives, is armed with the latest devices that perverted science has devised. Control of Norlandia and everyone in it is his ultimate aim.

All that stands between civilisation and anarchy are Jackson, Jessamine, and the rest of The Orphan Detectives. Jackson, although he doesn’t know it, holds the key to success or failure.

Lives will be lost and saved; dangers will be faced. Hard decisions must be taken. Can Jackson and Jessamine survive when all seems lost?

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