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Rocks of Aserol, The

The first Horis Strongman Steampunk Adventure

Publisher: 4Star Scifi
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Sci-Fi
Sub Genre: Steampunk
Language: English
Key Phrases: alternative history · alternative technology · clockwork · steam punk · victorian style fantasy
“What an absolutely fantastic read. Every turn of the page fuelled my imagination. “
– Chris Leach. Amazon review
In a world of Steam and Clockwork, evil forces are at work.

In Norlandia, a world of Steam and Clockwork, one man knows too much…

Horis Strongman, from the Ministry of Coal, discovers a secret, deep underground.

It could change the world, but anything that alters the balance of power will strike fear into the elite.

They want him and those around him silenced, by any means. He’s blamed for a disaster and forced to run for his life.

He has allies. Maloney, an ex-soldier with a mechanical arm and Grace, the chambermaid from his hotel.

There is nobody else he can trust.

They must keep him alive, to help him prove his innocence.

One thing is for certain. His life, and Norlandia itself, will never be the same again.

Read it now, then continue the adventure in the sequel, A New Life in Ventis.

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