Dedra L. Stevenson

Dedra L. Stevenson is a multi-genre author, filmmaker, and a multi-award-winning screenwriter originally from Alabama, USA, but now an Emirati residing permanently in the U.A.E.  Her novels include a fantasy fiction trilogy for young adults, known as The Hakima’s Tale, a controversial courtroom drama called Desert Magnolia, a horror called The Skinwalker Resurrection, a collection of fantasy short stories called Tales of the Lantern, a children’s book called Little Loud Beatrice and the Magic Painting and her latest publication, an international bestselling crime thriller, The Buchanan Bastard. She’s currently assembling a science fiction anthology called Human Horizons, to be published later in 2023. In addition to writing stories, Ms. Stevenson enjoys writing movies.  She won Best Short Screenplay for Desert Magnolia, based on her novel of the same name, in Mediterranean Cannes, 2018. She wrote the screenplay for the horror short film, Amunet, that went on to win many awards and distinctions. She wrote several feature screenplays after that, including:  The Skinwalker Resurrection (award nominated, 2018, along with many selections), C.U.P.I.D. (award nominated, 2020, along with many selections), and Earth Angels, an original horror (semi-finalist, 2020) and most recently the first two short scripts of a Dark Comedy limited series entitled, Kill the…  These scripts are winning a multitude of screenwriting competitions all around the world. Ms. Stevenson also hosts a brand-new podcast, YOU, ME, and ICED TEA and Co-Hosts the already popular podcast, Free Talk with Mr. B.  Both shows also have a YouTube talk show version. Ms. Stevenson intends to keep on writing, as long as her genre hopping keeps her fresh and in the zone. Many more stories to come. Instagram:  Dedrastevenson          Bluejinnimedia   Ibrahim_maseeh_art (my client)                      Act_too_theatre (my client)