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Hakima’s Tale, The

The Revenge of the Blue Jinni

Publisher: Blue Jinni Media
Book type: Novel
Age: YA (12-18)
Genre: Fantasy
Sub Genre: Coming of Age · Dark Fantasy · Epic Fantasy · Mythical Creatures · Paranormal · Supernatural
Language: English
Key Phrases: carpet · djinn · folklore · genie · jinn · lantern · magic · middleeast · Supernatural · youngadultfiction
“The Hakima’s tale is a magical gem, the story of a young Arab- American girls fight to save the world from an evil and ancient force. Our heroine’s name is Phoenix and the story around her is an expensive one, a true work of depth and imagination and is a story which will appeal not only to children but to readers of all ages , peoples and creeds.Our brave young heroine is surrounded by numerous well drawn and powerful characters in this classic , good vs evil scenario where there are many wonderful and exotic names on offer along with locations all woven together in a meaningful text, bordered and highlighted by delightful illustrations, elequently presented. Hakima’s tale will allow every reader to discover its delights, twists and turns which the story abundantly offers, a wonderful journey across borders, dreams, vistas and ideas. The scale of and thought in the work is outstanding, perhaps a future childrens classic.This is a cherished story which I will buy and keep and I suggest other readers do the same, five stars from me because it is so well constructed and has real heart and substance, plus the potential for a wide readership. Well done DL Stevenson, you have a marvelous imagination and you must be young at heart, I hope you will delight us again soon with a further installment.”
– Stuart Jarod Hinchliffe
The Blue Jinni waits patiently, for his next chance to escape will soon come to pass. Imprisoned and enraged, the dark master will soon revel in the destruction of humanity and realize his goal of overtaking the Earth. All that stands in his way is a young girl, born with an unfathomable power and responsibility.

Phoenix Kassim, a young Arab American, has never been like other girls. She sees things that aren’t there. Some of these “beings” are friendly, and some malevolent. Her parents struggle to decide what to do about this special young woman with unique abilities. After their relocation to their origin, they understand the supernatural forces at work to make sure their daughter doesn’t live to become who she’s meant to be. Will Phoenix understand her role in time? An army is being assembled against her, and her heritage has been dismissed as folklore. She’s already behind the game before she begins. Her archrival prepares to enter our “human” dimension.

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