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Breaking Bread Around the World

Publisher: Blue Jinni Media
Book type: Cook Book
Age: Adult
Genre: How To
Sub Genre: Craft Tutorial
Language: English
Key Phrases: cooking · cuisine · delicious · dish · food · foodie · how to cook · International · recipe
“The recipes are easy, fun, and educational. Why not try what it’s like to eat something from another culture? The only way the world moves forward is together.”
– Amazon, Reader
When you break bread with a stranger, you make them your neighbor.

As an author of Fantasy Fiction, Courtroom Drama, and Horror, no one ever expected Dedra L. Stevenson to compile a book of her favorite international recipes, but three years ago, she started exploring food from around the planet for Ramadan, as it was a way to teach her family about the cultures of the world. Once the word got out, her recipes stirred a great deal of interest, and her unique approach to Ramadan cooking became a hit! Breaking Bread Around the World provides easy meal plans for 30 different countries, and a bonus chapter with extra recipes for breakfast, side dishes and a few extra desserts. The book is also Vegan friendly, as there are a generous number of Vegan recipes included! There’s photos of all the food available, and Dedra’s personal notes on each country, thereby providing a bit of travel information as well. All in all, this cookbook is a great addition to any library, and a portion of the profits are donated to charities that feed the needy, so you can’t go wrong with this one!

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