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Buchanan Bastard, The

Publisher: Blue Jinni Media
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Thriller
Sub Genre: Crime
Language: English
Key Phrases: 1970s · crime · fiction · Murder · Mystery · neworleans · thriller · whodunit
“I love, love, love the 70s New Orleans setting! Shady characters, Southern charm, and a family that’s dripping in oil money. Mix that in with ties to the Middle East and the former Soviet Union, and top it off with a double homicide and multiple kidnappings, and you’ve got yourself a roller coaster ride of a book! Ms. Stevenson has pulled off a story that has true cinematic value. I hope this gets turned into a film one day. I would go see it. Highly recommend.”
– Said by “Booklover” via Amazon.
High-society debutante Laura Lynn Beauford entered the groovy 1970’s with great expectations. Newly married to millionaire Brian Buchanan and expecting their first child, heir to the vast Buchanan empire, life could not be sweeter for this Louisiana darling. Mardi Gras in New Orleans, the hometown of the Buchanan dynasty, was set to be the best the state had ever seen until a shocking murder plunged Laura Lynn into her worst nightmare. The glamorous debutante is trapped in the surreal world behind bars, desperate to prove her innocence and save her baby.

Larry Beauford, an Alabama small town mayor, receives shocking news about his only daughter, Laura. She’s been arrested for the double homicide of her husband, Brian Buchanan and runaway prostitute, Delta Dawn.

As a former war hero and a victim of PTSD, Larry remains in shape, both physically and strategically, as he believes in being in a perpetual state of readiness, so that the enemies of freedom and liberty won’t get the upper hand. His continuous training has made him a formidable force, however, nothing prepared him for the lung cancer that invaded his body and threatens to take him away from a world where Laura needs him, especially now, when her life depends on it.

Larry bails Lara out and together they try to piece together the facts surrounding the crime and who was truly responsible. Their quest for answers takes them into the world of the Russian mafia and their assault on Buchanan Oil and the mysterious disappearance into the Saudi desert, of oil tycoon, Jack Buchanan II, son of the company’s founder, Jack Buchanan I.

The investigation forces them to look carefully at Brian’s humble background as the once illegitimate son of Jack Buchanan, including his mother Coral and his half-brothers, Ike and Jim. Jim, a detective with New Orleans Police Department, bounces back after being brought in for questioning himself. Afterwards, he joins forces with Larry, Laura, and Special Agent Bernard with the FBI.

The FBI soon learn that this case may lead to the arrest and capture of Vladimir Petroski, A.K.A. Vlad the Impaler, the go to executioner of VLAST, the head organization of the Russian crime families. What they don’t know is that Vlad is taking the heat for the love of his life, Natasha Volkov, daughter of legendary KGB assassin and special agent, Nadia Volkov.

Vlad and his men kidnap Larry and Laura, and decide to detain them rather than kill them, because Laura is almost 6 months pregnant.  A healthy baby fetches a six-figure payoff on the black market.  Vlad surmises that he and Natasha can escape with a hefty sum and life their lives in peace.  His plans take a devastating turn, however, leading to death and separation for some, but revelation and reunion for others.

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