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A Turn of the Wheel

A Tales from Lyrassan standalone

Publisher: Labadie Publishing
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Fantasy · Romance
Sub Genre: Romantic Fantasy
Language: English
“A rich, luscious story, one that demands to be read slowly and savored. Beautifully written and lovingly crafted.”
The orchard awaits, and faerykind magic lingers in the air…

It is known that many harvests grow in the king’s orchard, both magical and mundane. So too has Aubria grown in her village community tending to the trees, bringing in a multitude of harvests, and partaking in the wheel of the year with her community. But not every branch grows the same way, and a newly betrothed Aubria finds that her heart and her longings for her future will take paths as winding as those leading through the sacred grounds of the orchard itself. The kingdom outside stands on a precipice, and the arrival of a Potioner carrying the weight of his convoluted past promises to make her change as no one born from orchard soil ever has before.

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