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Render to Silver

Publisher: Labadie Publishing
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Fantasy · Horror · Romance
Sub Genre: Dark Fantasy · LGBT · Romantic Fantasy
Language: English
“Render to Silver is dark, decadent, and sexy, with a cast that keeps you guessing the whole read through. The prose is lush and descriptive without ever feeling too heavy, the characters morally ambiguous but never one-note. I particularly loved the religious imagery and gloomy atmosphere.”
– M. A. Vice (Author of the Impavidus Cycle)
“Evil can be accomplished in God’s name more easily than anything good.”

The Founts of Silver are holy women blessed by the favor of their God…or they are cursed vessels meant to be shattered. Given no other choice, Fount Marzanna clawed her way up their ranks until she was able to begin planning her escape with one of her fellow Founts from Aebbenary, the prosperous island ruled by Silver’s decadent church. Instead, the accidental working of a Miracle sets her apart and attracts the notice of the High Priest. He intends to use her to spark a revival in the city, and eventually the world, which has begun to turn away from a religion that rewards greed and ambition as piety. He’s not forthcoming with how, and while tensions in the city rise, while two rival houses contemplate war, Marzanna realizes the role she resents with all her heart won’t let her walk away without untold sacrifice.

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