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Long Grows the Dark

Fate's Fall 1

Publisher: Labadie Publishing
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Fantasy · Romance
Sub Genre: Dark Fantasy · New Adult · Romantic Fantasy
Language: English
“Long Grows the Dark was a lovely storyline filled with uncovering secrets, devotion, friendship, and sacrifice. The relationships intertwine between the before and now fluidly, and when they finally collide, develops into a sublime twist of events.”
– Jessica Julien (Author of A Spectacle of Souls)
“We’re meant to be…aren’t we?”


Glenna, court sorceress in the service of Princess Jael, struggles to hide her feelings for her best friend’s betrothed. Yet even as the realm approaches its golden age, an unforeseen enemy rises to corrupt the princess and take the land for himself. Fate may lead them down a path too painful to contemplate, but are Glenna’s choices enough to dispel the inevitable darkness set to veil their future?


Gwendoline Hallewell, a Starford University student in a world where magic is commonplace, has always been unusual. When her casting book summons a man from the past to interfere with her dangerous new present, she has no choice but to trust him. As she and her friends Colt and Everleigh reconcile what happened before with what must happen in the present. Gwendoline must decide what it means to make her own choices, suffer her own consequences, and if free will is really within her grasp.

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