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Slow Wanes the Night

Fate's Fall 2

Publisher: Labadie Publishing
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Fantasy · Romance
Sub Genre: Dark Fantasy · New Adult · Romantic Fantasy
Language: English
“This book was so absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. Filled with unforgettable and flawed characters who will always leave their impression behind. It mixed a perfect blend of modern fantasy and high fantasy, politics and magic.”
– Kayla McGrath (Author of the Cold as Iron trilogy)

Haunted by her most recent past, half immortal Gwendoline journeys with Niles into the unknown. With all their attention trained on the future, they discover that by searching for Fate’s lost Lords – and Niles’s new brethren – they are distracting themselves from the ever widening distance setting them apart.

Determined to create a new version of herself, Everleigh embraces her role as Starford’s ruler. There’s no time for mourning everything – and everyone – she lost as she dedicates herself to the task of rebuilding what Averill destroyed. Yet his voice whispers in her mind as a new threat on the horizon forces her to renew alliances she would rather abandon to the past.

All the while, Fate herself goes mad with the approach of something that has the potential to destroy not just her, but everything she’s ever built on Earth.

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