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Navigating The Lies About Fiction Writing

Publisher: Echo On Publications
Book type: How To | Non Fiction
Age: Adult
Genre: How To · Non-Fiction
Sub Genre: Anti Rules
Language: English
Key Phrases: How to write · Writing Fiction
“The literary rebellion we need! This book is perfect for any fledgling author.”
– TK Miller
Are you tired of hearing the same old writing advice?

In this bold and controversial new book, author and literary rebel Christian Francis sets out to tear down the walls of conventional wisdom and guide new authors to their true potential. Drawing on his years of experience as a writer, teacher, and publisher, Francis argues that the so-called “rules” of writing are nothing more than guidelines, created by the publishing industry to maintain the status quo and ensure their books read and sound the same, totally destroying the author’s original voice.

For too long, Francis argues, new authors have been told that their work is not good enough, that it doesn’t fit neatly into established genre categories, that it needs to be shorter, more marketable, more “accessible.” But this is all a lie. Through personal anecdotes and real-life examples, Francis illustrates the ways in which the publishing industry has limited the scope of what is possible in the world of writing, and offers practical advice for how to break out of these limiting conventions and create truly original work.

Whether you are a new writer just starting out, or a more established author looking to break free of the constraints of traditional publishing, “Anti Rule” is an essential read. With its challenging arguments, insightful analysis, and practical advice for crafting truly original work, this powerful book is sure to inspire and motivate anyone who has ever felt frustrated or disillusioned by the conventions of the writing world. So if you’re ready to challenge the myths and lies of the publishing industry and embrace your true potential as a writer, then this is the book for you…

This is not like many other writing guides that all look to confuse you with endless chapters that just say nothing except patronize your art. “Anti Rule” is sharp, to the point, and packed with the information you NEED to know.

As a bonus, this edition also includes a section on self-publishing tips, covering ISBNs, POD services and more!

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