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The Novelization

Publisher: Encyclopocalypse Publications
Year of Publication: 2022
Book type: Novel | Novelization
Age: Adult
Genre: Horror
Sub Genre: Horror · Movie Novelization
Language: English
Key Phrases: Horror film · vampires
“It completely blew my mind… It managed to surpass my high expectations of what I wanted a VAMP novelization to be AND be nothing at all like I expected. In all the best ways!”
– Mark Coombs
Welcome to the After Dark Club, a club on the wrong side of town where your first kiss may be your last.

Based on the screenplay to the 1986 cult classic, Vamp – the Novelization takes you on a journey of discovery, loss and redemption as AJ and Keith—two fraternity pledges—find themselves in a sleazy den of ancient evil, with little chance to escape, and a long time to wait until the sun rises again.

As well as a photo gallery, this book comes with an exclusive foreword by Richard Wenk and interviews with Donald P. Borchers, Dedee Pfeiffer, Alan Roderick Jones and Gedde Watanabe – Vamp – the Novelization is not to be missed!

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