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Everyday Monsters

The Animus Chronicles Vol 1

Publisher: Echo On Publications
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Dark Fantasy · Horror
Sub Genre: Dark Fantasy · Horror
Language: English
Key Phrases: Bizarre · Gods · monsters
“If you think Stephen King is a great storyteller, wait until you read some of Christian’s work. You won’t be disappointed!”
– David W. Adams
It all started with a severed head…

A fantastically original horror that is ‘sure to delight readers who like their horror dripping with blood, guts, and vengeance’ (Katelynwrites) and is ‘replete with breathtaking settings, brutal detail, imaginative shapeshifting, and incredible storytelling‘. (LH review) and ‘huge amounts of fun to read.’ (Paul Kane – bestselling and award-winning author of Before, Arcana and Monsters).

This is the tale of an undead man, dragged through a prophecy as the world around him falls. What seems like a quick and easy messenger job, quickly descends into a race to change the very fabric of existence. In a world that makes increasingly little sense, he must try to stay alive to bring a new balance to existence.

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