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Incubus: The Descent

The Animus Chronicles Vol 2

Publisher: Echo On Publications
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Dark Fantasy · Horror
Sub Genre: Dark Fantasy · Horror
Language: English
Key Phrases: Bizarre · monsters
“Unpredictable, horrifically gruesome, and a violation of your senses. It was great!”
– Jolene Gettler
Reality is just an illusion…

A novel that ‘cuts with a cinematic grace between wonderlands of historical fantasy, fairy tale, monsters and mythology…’ (LH Review) and is ‘both a powerful series addition and a readily accessible stand-alone read that draws readers into a king’s mission and spins it into a story of rebirth, atonement, and redemption‘ (Midwest Book Review).

Throughout history, there have always been those who task themselves with a mission to vanquish evil. None more so than those who would be seen as monsters themselves. Monsters who accept that the only way to conquer the darkness is to descend to the place where it was born, and meet it head-on.

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