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Publisher: Independently Published
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Contemporary
Sub Genre: Conspiracy · Psychological
Language: English
Key Phrases: facebook · memory manipulation · social media
“Really enjoyed this book, well written and a good page turner. The characters and plot and believable to the point I started to really feel for one of them as the story developed (had real mixed feeling towards the main character of the book!). Well worth a download (I got it for free), would make a great beach read this summer.”
– TalesFromMe
There is only room for one person in Ryan’s life. The question is: Is it him or the woman he’s accused of murdering?

Ryan Cooper’s wager seemed harmless enough – a fabricated persona, a simple illusion on Facebook. But as the lines blur between reality and the virtual world, he’s ensnared in a web of duplicity.

Everything began to go wrong the moment, Ryan Cooper accepted the bet to get half a class to believe in his fictitious person.

But what started as a bit of fun, spirals out of control into an obsession that threatens to overtake Ryan’s life.

There is only room for one person in Ryan’s life.

The question is, will it be him, or the person he created in this modern tale of obsession and memory.

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