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Dark Corner, The

Publisher: Independently Published
Book type: Short Story Collection
Age: Adult
Genre: Horror
Language: English
“A great read, captivating stories, chilling tales, I read it front to back the same day”
– Nicola Mayes, Amazon customer
Welcome to the Dark Corner Universe… this is only the beginning of your journey!

Welcome to the Dark Corner Universe.

Begin your journey through 10 short horror stories set in a shared universe where not all is as it seems.

Explore the tale of a cursed haunting, before learning about the Pain Wraiths, created only to experience pain and suffering in order to draw power from it.

Then delve into the strange story of the Stephenson House where families move in, but never move out. See what happens when a cheating husband is followed on an expedition… by his dead wife.

Venture into the far flung future when following the death of his entire crew, one starship Captain discovers he is not alone after all…

And meet Kathryn and Kristin as they embark on their first adventures gathering the most haunted items in the world for their museum, and hunting cursed pirate treasure.

All these tales and more are within these pages. Plus, in this anniversary edition, you will also find a bonus short story called Red Christmas. This tale concerns the events of a group of young thieves determined to steal from a high tech superstore just before Christmas, only to discover that the store fights back!

Sleep with one eye open, and leave the lights on as this is only the beginning of the journey…

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