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Wealdstone : Crossroads

Publisher: Independently Published
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Horror
Language: English
“This book should be adapted into a movie! Brilliant character development, amazing plot, delicious drama and packed full of action!”
– itsjustme435, TikTok
Welcome back to Wealdstone… but things are not as they once were.

Relationships since Jasmine’s attack on the town three years ago have remained fractious and the team have drifted apart. However, when Grace goes missing, Kathryn and Kristin must try to bridge the gap between them to reassemble their friends and investigate.

They call the settlement ‘Crossroads.’

It is an Old West village on the town’s limits, previously abandoned after a failed restoration project. But something is drawing gateways to other realms, times and realities to this place. And it is ground zero for the maniacal Monarch’s plans.

When an epic battle ensues between our heroes and Monarch, they are all thrown through one of the doorways into another realm. With each door closing behind them, they must navigate these otherworldly locations to find Grace, get home, and stop Monarch from uniting all of the realms under his rule.

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